Monday, May 7, 2012

Enjoy the Ride

   I just realized that the last post I made was in March. I've had several recipes I was and will still post on here, but life is unpredictable. March/April and now May have been crazy, but not in a bad way. March came and with it brought my little brother home from Afghanistan!! It also brought my husbands 27th birthday and the never ending cascade of bills. April came and with it brought stress, tears, bills, more tears, but it also brought my brother! He's stationed on the East Coast and we live on the West. He came home on leave and we got to spend some time with him, making some memories along the way.
   Now we're in May...things have made a dramatic change for the better!! God is showing me things that are all pointing to a new direction for our family. New is intimidating, but I'm excited to see where He's leading us!! I'm so amazed at the never ending Love He has for us. He's so faithful to provide. Isn't it funny how when things are going good we never really think we need God. I mean things are good, there's no stress we think that we have everything under control. So God, even though we still believe in Him, gets pushed to the back our minds, but as soon as a tough time hits we're on our knees asking him to save us. I know I'm very guilty of this! This last time I decided that I was going to stop looking up ONLY when times were hard. I'm going to praise God everyday for his providing our every need!! I'm going to stop living my life for just me, and start living it for HIM. I know he has BIG plans for my family and I'm not going to let them go to waste!! I'm going to enjoy the ride come what may!!

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