Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to town...Just not to our house

...Christmas time is here. It rapidly approaches like a speeding train. Now, I'm not a grinch or a scrooge. I actually love Christmas, I mean the part of Christmas that's about family and tradition...not so much the thing Christmas has become...the thing that has people trampling one another for deals, or the one that tells people that if they don't have the biggest and best of everything that they're not really happy. The monster that the holiday has turned into is not what I love. I love the baking Christmas cookies with my kids, going to a farm and getting our own tree and then bringing it home and decorating it, the Christmas where we get together with our loved ones and even if no gifts were given it would still be wonderful. I love the old fashioned Christmas...which is the Christmas I'm raising my boys to love...with one change...No Santa. Now, don't get me wrong, I grew up believing in Santa. My Grandma and mom made a big deal out of Santa and I remember being sorely disappointed the day I found out he wasn't real. I know people who get seriously offended when they find out that you haven't told your kids about Santa and I'm not trying to encroach on anyone's's just not for us.
...I want to state here that this isn't a religious thing. We're a Christian family, but that's not why. To be quite honest, Santa has just never been brought up. My boys are 3 and 15 months old and my husband and I talked about it and decided "why bother?". I know a lot of people are going to say that we're being scrooges, I've had people tell me that I'm ruining my children's  childhood by not celebrating Santa. That's their's wrong, but they're my kids so there! Seriously though, my husband and I talked about it at length and decided that we want our boys to be thankful for whatever they are given, and we want them to thank the people who have given it to them. I think that's better than telling them that some fat guy in a red suit comes down our chimney (which we don't have) and puts presents under the tree. If that makes me the grinch then I guess that's fine with me.
...Anyway, I know this post will probably not be very popular. Santa has become an integral part of  Christmas, and if your family believes in Santa then that's great! I really have no issue with Santa!! I just hate what Christmas has become and I want something different for my boys. I want them to give thanks every day for the people in their lives, and the gifts life gives them. I want them to remember that they have family who loves and cares for them. I want my boys to grow up with the old fashioned values, that have become non existent in today's society. So, I guess my point matter how you celebrate, or what holiday you celebrate...I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Potty Training...Not for the faint of heart!

   My son Jeremiah turned 3 on Cinco De Mayo this year and he started using the potty last week. Yep, you read that right...My 3 year old is not completely potty trained yet. We've tried several times over the past few years, but it was to no avail. We tried bribing, punishing, and inevitably giving up. The fights, yelling, and tears were just not worth it!! I can live with diapers more then I can live with the heartbroken look on my oldest sons face whenever mommy and daddy got mad at he had failed us!! 
Jeremiah making faces at me
   Now, my son is extremely bright, he's also very stubborn!! To put it simply...he is a 100% testosterone filled, dirt covered, truck loving, worm digging boy!! He wants what he wants, when he wants it. Do we give in...sometimes yes. Let's be honest though, most parents give into their kids wishes sometimes. It's not spoiling them, it's called picking your battles!! Potty training is one battle that the parenting community is torn on. I know some people who have their kids potty trained by a year and a half...while other's, like us, didn't even actually start until our kids were 3. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the super-duper mom's who do it early...I also have nothing but wonderful things to say about the other half of us super-duper mom's who wait. Because in the end it's YOUR decision. 
   My husband and I had to learn that. Jeremiah is our son, so we'll potty train him when HE'S ready. You know what...we've had a lot less frustration because of it!! Jeremiah loves using the potty!! We cheer him on like a pepped up cheerleader on speed!! If someone were to see us jumping up and down, clapping and cheering like a crazy person they'd probably have us committed. That's OK, because Jeremiah loves it! He tells me whenever he has to use the potty and then when he's done, he jumps out of the bathroom with a big smile on his face and exclaims "I DID IT!!" which is then equally met with the enthusiastic "WAY TO GO BUDDY!! I'm so PROUD of you!!" and then we do the potty dance. It's turned an otherwise pain in the ass (no pun intended) experience into a fun one. Does he have accidents? You bet! Do we get mad at him? No. I've come to a place where I refuse to shame my son for having an accident. Is it frustrating when he has an accident? Yes it is. He knows when he has to go, but for some reason when he gets underwear on or even pants on, he has a hard time holding it. At home he does awesome, no accidents!! Of course he's running around in his birthday suit, but it's getting results. 
   I know this isn't going to be a quick experience, but I've also come to realize that the reason for that is because it's new. A person who has never played the piano isn't going to be able to play a complicated piece of Beethoven...unless they are freakishly talented (Crazier things have happened though) the same goes with using the Jeremiah isn't doing rocket science, but it is still a new experience...and new experiences can sometimes be scary. 
   Is our approach for everyone? Probably not. I still get snide remarks from people who think he's too old to be in diapers. Maybe he is, but forcing him wasn't working and this is, so I honestly don't care. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is right for their kids. For us letting our opinionated, bull headed, wonderfully sweet 3 year old decide for himself when he was ready was the right decision for us to make.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ode to Salmon

  My family is a HUGE fan of fish!! Salmon, Cod, Tilapia, Tuna...Fried, Baked, or Barbecued...Give us a good fish and we'll turn it into an awesome meal! Tonight was no different!! Tonight I made a Salmon Teriyaki that is to die for!! I amazed myself it was that good!! Don't worry I'm not here to make you jealous, I'm here in my supermom cape to bring you the wonderful recipe that graced our table this evening!!


This is AMAZING Teriyaki Sauce!!
4 Salmon Fillets (or however many you happen to be using)
Kona Coast Spicy Teriyaki Sauce
1/2 stick of softened butter
1-2 cloves of minced garlic
1 green onion
A few mint leaves

First off grease your baking dish...I used Olive Oil because it tastes the best and helps the fish not dry out so fast!! Place Salmon Fillets in dish and cover with Teriyaki sauce..turn over a few times so that both sides are covered in the sauce.
Next mix butter, minced garlic, chopped onion, mint leaves (chopped), and rosemary. (I used our teeny-tiny food processor and it worked great!) Take butter mixture and place on top of the fillets. Also at this time place pineapple pieces randomly around the dish.
Cook on 450 degrees for 6 minutes (uncovered)..check at 6 minutes for doneness...We had to cook ours an additional 2 minutes, but it's always best to check because you don't want to overcook the salmon or it will get dry!!

I gotta say the bags of frozen Salmon at Winco have been a lifesaver!! They thaw out super fast and they taste great!! Anyway, try it out...make it your own and see what you come up with!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Parmesan Encrusted Salmon & Tilapia

 It's no secret that, sometimes, toddlers can be picky eaters. My oldest is no exception, however I will say that I can't complain too much because, thankfully, he'll eat pretty much whatever we put in front of him with few exceptions. So tonight I wanted to give my family a dinner we all would like, that would fill us up and something that would be healthy. I think I nailed it!
 After scouring the internet for fish recipes, and coming up short, I decided to combine a few. What I came up with this:


Grated Parmesan
Spices (I used garlic powder, pepper, and fresh rosemary...thank goodness for our plant!) 
Salmon/Tilapia Fillets (I had 2 Tilapia and 3 Salmon Fillets)
1 to 2 Eggs (For dipping)
Olive Oil

Mix Parmesan and Spices (if using fresh rosemary, don't mix with the cheese) in bowl big enough to dip fish in. Dip both sides of fish in egg and then in Cheese mix. Place in baking dish, place rosemary sprigs on top and drizzle with Olive oil. Bake at 450 for 6 minutes. Check for doneness and enjoy!

All of the above measurements are what I used for 5 pieces of fish. If using less fish cook for about 4 minutes and check.

 I know that fish can be expensive, especially Salmon. I got both the Tilapia and the Salmon at Winco in the bags. They come frozen, in the bag and they are vacuumed sealed and individually packaged and they aren't horribly priced.. definitely cheaper then buying from the meat counter and since they come in their own packages, they're pretty darn good...not slimy. Besides fish is so good for you, especially Salmon and the fact that my 3 year old was excited for "Cheesy Fish!" was a major plus!! I served it with Corn on the Cob (another favorite of my 3 year old) and I must say it was one of the best dishes I've made!!

**I was going to add a picture, but I was really hungry and it looked I ate before I remembered the snap shot! Instead, hears a picture of my son who loved his cheesy fish!**
My oldest baby boy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Me: JUNE 21st

Just Me: JUNE 21st: I'm a hosting a fundraiser with a friend of mine to help support Exodus Cry. We'll be *hopefully* showing clips from the movie nefarious...(...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


    I recently watched a documentary called "nefarious." It's done by the group Exodus Cry and it's about the TRUTH of Human Sex Trafficking. It broke my heart, the kind of broken that makes you stop and say "this needs to stop and I need to do something about it!" I know that I'm not equipped (yet) to go into these countries and try to single-handed rescue these girls, boys, women...I'm 5'1 and 103 lbs, it would be foolish. However I do feel a calling on my life, and my families life to be directly involved. Whether giving money, or maybe even some day joining exodus cry. I know that I can't do nothing, and my husband agrees with me 100%.
   As a mother the thought of these children and women being ripped from their homes, away from their families is heart wrenching...worse though is the very real hurt the girls whose parents sell them must feel. I can't comprehend how a parent could choose to sell their girls. This post could easily stretch out and be extremely wordy, but you know...I'm not going to do that. I am going to strongly suggest that you go to and check out their blog. I also strongly suggest that you watch nefarious, they have it for sale at and all proceeds go to combating human trafficking. We can do something!! Raising awareness and learning the facts is just the beginning. I've started a pin board on called NOT FOR SALE, I figure that if even one person looks at the board and starts doing research then that's one more person who can make a difference.
   This is not a hopeless cause! I have a big God who does BIG things, and I believe that HE can put a stop to this. 




Monday, May 7, 2012

Enjoy the Ride

   I just realized that the last post I made was in March. I've had several recipes I was and will still post on here, but life is unpredictable. March/April and now May have been crazy, but not in a bad way. March came and with it brought my little brother home from Afghanistan!! It also brought my husbands 27th birthday and the never ending cascade of bills. April came and with it brought stress, tears, bills, more tears, but it also brought my brother! He's stationed on the East Coast and we live on the West. He came home on leave and we got to spend some time with him, making some memories along the way.
   Now we're in May...things have made a dramatic change for the better!! God is showing me things that are all pointing to a new direction for our family. New is intimidating, but I'm excited to see where He's leading us!! I'm so amazed at the never ending Love He has for us. He's so faithful to provide. Isn't it funny how when things are going good we never really think we need God. I mean things are good, there's no stress we think that we have everything under control. So God, even though we still believe in Him, gets pushed to the back our minds, but as soon as a tough time hits we're on our knees asking him to save us. I know I'm very guilty of this! This last time I decided that I was going to stop looking up ONLY when times were hard. I'm going to praise God everyday for his providing our every need!! I'm going to stop living my life for just me, and start living it for HIM. I know he has BIG plans for my family and I'm not going to let them go to waste!! I'm going to enjoy the ride come what may!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Text & Drive

   I'll be 24 this year. I come from the generation of texting and wi-fi. On one hand it has made things a lot easier, on the other it's also caused an epidemic...texting/talking on the cell phone while driving. It's kind of like drinking and driving only the person is (usually) sober. How stories are there about kids dying in a car accident because they were texting or talking on the phone while driving? Yet people read those stories and think "well, that will never happen to me!" You know, that's not necessarily true. You can be a great driver, but if your attention is on your phone instead of the road then that's a dangerous situation. 
  I just read a story about a young girl who plowed into the back of tanker going 80mph. She was IMing a friend on Facebook and wasn't paying attention. The police say they don't think she even hit the brakes. Her parents say that she was a responsible girl, a good driver, she had a bright future ahead of only took once, her attention was elsewhere and now her family has to go through their lives without her. She was 18...graduated top of her class...I bet you she was thinking "it'll never happen to me." Her last text even said that she couldn't talk because she was driving. My heart grieves for her family.
   As a mother I pray that my boys will grow up into responsible young men, but it's up to me to set the example. I've gotten on my husband for talking on the phone while driving. In fact before we got our Jeep we walked EVERYWHERE! I can't tell you how many times we almost got hit because someone wasn't paying attention because they were on the phone. We would be in the crosswalk...the little white guy would be on the sign and we'd be pushing the stroller and BAM! we'd have to quickly jump out of the way. Most of the people looked horrified at what almost happened, while others looked pissed that we were in their way.(I can't stand self-entitled people!) I got really good at giving dirty looks or confronting drivers! I bet most of those people were usually very good drivers, but if we hadn't been paying attention while their attention was diverted to their cell we very well could've wound up in the hospital, or worse. 
    As you can see this subject is important to me! I know that in this modern day, cell phone using world that people rely, almost solely on their phones. It's their agenda keeper, appointment reminder, and personal assistant. Multitasking has been made easier then ever, but please if you feel that you absolutely cannot not answer the call or the text, then PULL OVER!! PLEASE!! For one it's against the law and for 2 it is dangerous. You may never get in an accident, but do you really want to risk it? I know a lot of people will tell me to get off my soap box, but I believe it's important that people really think about what they're doing. We're living in  a zero accountability world and that scares me! I'm 23, so this isn't a post by your grandma or your mom, it's from someone who is your generation! I graduated in 2006, I turned 21 in 2009. Just think about it. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Banger's and Mash...weird name...great taste!!!

   Banger's & Mash, fun stay good to eat!! What is Banger's and Mash you ask? It's an English dish consisting of Sausage and Mashed potatoes...that's it!! There's an endless variety of ways to cook them...well maybe not cook them, but definitely an endless variety of things you can add to them!! Tonight we're keeping it simple! Why? Because we have a 2 year old who hasn't quite developed the gourmet food taste buds that his father and I have :D...don't worry though, he'll come around!! So here's how we made it...


They put onion and gravy on
these, we didn't  because
we wouldn't be able get our
2 year old to eat them :D
  We managed to find "Banger's Sausage" at our local Market of Choice. If you don't have a Market of Choice or can't find "Banger's Sausage" that's OK! I'm sure any type of Sausage link would work...Not the hot dog type though...I imagine that would just be gross. Sausage links are usually in the Meat Deli/Counter...Johnsonville and the New York Style Sausage Company also sells Sausage links...Johnsonville has MSG and the New York Style Sausage Company doesn't, whatever one you like better, or can find works. We broil them about 5 minutes on each side. As for the potatoes...yes you can buy potatoes, peel them, boil them, and mash them...however...if you're like my family, you're busy keeping little ones out of trouble and dinner's generally done around 8. It's not that we don't try to eat earlier, it just doesn't usually work out that way. So what do we use for the Mash in our Banger's and Mash? Betty Crocker instant potatoes...yes that's right, we use instant potatoes. They taste great and are done in about 2 minutes! When both the sausage and potatoes are done place a sausage (or 2) on top of the potatoes and enjoy!! 

You can add gravy, sauerkraut, mustard and according to my husband some kind of weird noodle...I guess they do it in Germany and he says it's ridiculously good! ( Yes he's lived in Germany...yes I'm jealous :D ). Do whatever sounds good. That's the good thing about simple meals, you can dress them up!!


   If you've never had Salmon lox, you don't know what you're missing!!! It's amazingly's also amazingly expensive. This is definitely not a meal we make often. The other night though we found some Lox on Sale at Trader Joe's (love this place!!), so we grabbed one and enjoyed a rare treat :D!!. Now as I say, Salmon Lox are spendy! it's not a meal you want to make every week, unless you enjoy being broke!! I'll put down how we make them into a meal though, in case you'd like to try them one of these days!


BAGELS (We use everything bagels)


I never put Capers on mine, because I think they're gross. My husband loves them though so he would suggest to at least try them. In case you're wondering what Lox's just smoked salmon. They're actually a better idea for breakfast, but breakfast or dinner it's still yummy!!


   Here at University Land there's a place called The Pita Pit, it's really good, but being married to a college student we don't have the money to eat out all the time. However we both really like Pita's. There filling and as we learned really easy to make! Now neither my husband or I are of Greek decent. I'm German and my Husband's Finn/Scottish/ and French, but we both like good food and trust me when I say that Gyro's are good!!! So this is what we had for dinner the other night! 




This is not our Pita's from the other night,
but this is basically what they look like
Now, we use the pockets because they're easier to eat. They keep all the ingredients neatly tucked inside. You can also use chicken strips instead of the gyro meat. Gyro meat does have MSG in it, which we try to stay away from, but believe me when I say that it's still really good. Anyway, try them see if you like them. You can put any veggie in them and I imagine they'd taste pretty good. The Pita Pit has a whole array of veggies they use, we just like the ones listed above because they give it a nice crisp/fresh taste. Make it your own!!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Boys and Dogs

Our Nahla girl
   My husband and I have always wanted our boys to grow up with a puppy. There's something about the bond between little boys and their puppies that I've always loved. Up to this time we haven't been able to get a dog. Our 2 year old loves dogs, but we just couldn't afford to buy one and it's hard to find a puppy for free that's not  a pit bull...let me say here that I don't have a problem with Pits, I've known several and they've always been great dogs...At one point in time I did want one, but husband never has. So we've been waiting for a time when we could either find a free puppy that wasn't a pit or buy one...enter opportunity here:
   Last Saturday as we were lounging around the house...OK I was lounging, of course I've also had the flu so I feel that I'm entitled to lounge time when I'm sick. Anyway, boys were watching a movie, I was attempting to sleep and my loving husband was cleaning the kitchen...yes they still come in the perfect man model :D...when we heard a knock on our door. Now considering that I was in Sweatpants I really wasn't looking forward to company, especially unexpected company. It was my new neighbors...they have 3 puppies and are getting rid of one, would we like her...YES!! They brought her over so my husband could meet her and needless to say he melted. She's Lab/Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Shar Pei Mix...I know she's going to be big, the size of her paws alone told us she wasn't going to be a small dog.
   We weren't sure if she was going to work out at first. Kind of like buyers remorse, only we didn't actually buy her. We hoped she'd work because she's really cute, but we've never had a dog of our own so we weren't sure. Well, I'm happy to report that so far so good! She's housebroken which is awesome because with 2 sons I don't have time to housebreak a puppy! She doesn't chew on the furniture, but my oldest is having to protect his wooden blocks :D. She sleeps all night, in her own space...I already have a 2 year old who wiggles into our bed I did not want to add a puppy to the equation. She doesn't bark unless she has to potty, and she loves our boys. She gets a little rough when playing with my 2 year old, but she hasn't bitten in an aggressive way so that's good.
   My son Jeremiah LOVES her!! He is so excited to finally have a puppy! Her name is Nahla and all day long I hear him calling "Nawa!" It's really cute! She thinks she's a lap dog and she loves to cuddle so Jeremiah has a nap buddy when he's laying on the couch. I'm so thankful she's working out because she really does add a lot to our family. She's sweet and fun and her name (Nahla) means Honey Bee which fits because she's busy like a bee and sweet like honey (sappy I know, but it's true). We are looking forward to seeing her grow with our boys!
Jeremiah and Nahla napping on the couch

Friday, February 3, 2012

Even Wonder Woman Needs A Break Sometimes

   I'm sure you noticed that a post for yesterdays dinner is MIA...OK so maybe you didn't...To bring you up to speed though I'll point out that I didn't, in fact write a blog for yesterday...I'll tell you why! Yesterday was just one of those days that us mom's can have. I didn't sleep well, I was exhausted ALL day long, My 2 year old had a diaper bomb (I wont elaborate because, trust me you don't want to know), and I ran out of diaper wipes before my husband got home. (he's a student at Oregon State University) My oldest son was doing what 2 year olds do best, the baby wasn't feeling well and I could hardly keep my eyes open.
   Enter Erik (my husband). He comes home after a long day of classes and is not greeted with the usual smiles and hugs that my 2 year old showers on him as soon as he walks through the door. I'm sure a foreboding shadow loomed over our doorstep. What is the scene he happens upon? My 2 year old sleeping on the couch...bad sign 1...My 2 year old does NOT take naps! Baby boy is wide awake, big smiles on his face...this is not a bad sign because the baby is ALWAYS happy!! Last but not least he looks upon his wife...I can only imagine what I must've looked like. He approaches cautiously and asks how my day was...the shoe I threw at him was probably a good sign that it was a bad one...Thankfully I can't throw to save my life!! OK so I didn't really throw a shoe at him, but I'm sure he would've preferred it to the look I gave him. 
   I'll insert here that I have an incredibly understanding husband. He takes the good and the bad and only complains on odd numbered days...kidding! He takes my bad moods in stride, because to be honest I don't have them that often. When a bad mood lasts a week, its usually because I'm sick. I am in fact sick this week. I have an ear infection and haven't been sleeping happens. There's this ridiculous belief that Stay at Home mom's are supposed to be Wonder Woman. We can cook dinner, Vacuum the living room, and do the dishes all while holding the baby on our hips and wearing heels and pearls...I have yet to meet a mom who's capable of doing this! A real mom does what she can while still maintaining her sanity. 
   I was so frazzled yesterday that I forgot to get dinner out, let alone started. I was trying to be Wonder Woman. I managed to do the laundry and dishes...I had both of my boys dressed, fed and napped by the time Erik got home. I was fried by this time also. Thankfully I'm married to Superman. (OK so his favorite superhero is Iron Man, but you get the picture) My loving husband seeing his wife looking more like a victim of a stampede rather then Wonder Woman said 3 little words that made my day "Let's get Thai"...There's a very good Thai restaurant in my town that delivers...Needless to say this brightened my dreary day by quite a bit! Any man who sees his wife stressed and wore out take heed because this act of kindness will usually get you rewarded! 
   So that is the story behind why there is not a recipe for a dinner. Because my Wonder Woman persona wore off and revealed the real woman underneath...tired, sick and frustrated, yet still trying to do the best I could...I love my Superman for being OK...not just OK, but in love with the real me. I couldn't do it without him...yes I realize that he's just as human as me, but last night I wouldn't have doubted if he could fly!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm feeling very Vegetarian today...OK maybe not!

   Dinner...Yes it's that time of night again when my family comes to me with their mouth's open and their eyes hopeful...OK so that's only my husband (kidding!!!)...Thankfully I planned ahead last night and started some of the ingredients for tonight's dinner last night...So what am I feeding my ever hungry brood? Veggie Burritos...I feel a wave of disappointment waft over my carnivorous family...OK I'm being dramatic, my boys don't mind veggies, my husband might even like a few. Anyway, burritos are pretty self explanatory...not very many people need a recipe to make them, but you know what I'm going to write it down anyway :D...Why? Because I made homemade tortillas and they are GREAT...that's why!!
   I found the recipe for the tortillas on it's easy, quick, and cheap...which when your on a budget is ALWAYS good!!!

3 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 cup warm water
Combine all the flour, salt, vegetable oil, and water until it forms a dough.
Roll the dough into a big ball and take about an 1 to 2 inch pieces off. Pat the dough flat with your hands or take a rolling pin and roll into circles.
Put the dough on a flat pan on the stove and let the sides cook until there are little brown specks on both sides like you would see on other tortillas. 

(I will add here that we cooked ours in a cast iron skillet and fried them...a non stick pan would probably work good too)

The ingredients for our burritos were cheap! That and I got them on know what...shhh!

1. Avocado
2. Roma Tomatoes
1. Red Onion
1. Bunch of Cilantro (don't use the whole bunch or it can overpower the rest)
Pinto Beans 
Brown Rice

I cooked the Beans the night before, just followed the directions on the back.
I also cooked the brown rice using the directions on the back for 4's amazing what using and following directions can do!! :D

We would've gotten lime, but we couldn't find any...would've looked harder, but any mom will tell you that trying to look for something at the grocery store when you have two unhappy babes is an impossibility because toddlers and babies are able to hit a pitch that turns their mom's brain to's a fact!! Anyway, As I stated before my family is made up of carnivores! We love meat, so as I turn around and look at the stove where my hubby is standing I see that he has cooked steak to put on his burrito...Oh well I can't say I didn't try :D As I usually say make it your own...add the veggies you like...homemade/store bought tortillas doesn't really matter....And yes even meat is OK because lets be honest meat does tend to add something to a meal :D Hope Everyone has a good night! I'm going to go enjoy my meal!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And on the menu for tonight...

We've discovered that the less you have to work with, the more creative you get. It's the end of the month and what we have in our cupboards and refrigerator is slim...However we're out of the Mac N' Cheese/Top Roman for dinner every night phase...We're married and we have a 2 year old to feed as what do we do for dinner...well I'll tell you! We bought a bag of salmon from Winco at the beginning of the know the frozen filets that come in the air tight, plastic, sealed bags...Thankfully there are 4 left so That's what I started with...We rifled through our kitchen and went on a website called lets you list the ingredients you have and picks out recipes accordingly...We found one that sounded good, elaborated on it (made it our own), and viola we have a healthy dinner for 3!




I know salmon can be expensive, but as I said before look for sales! Check out your local WINCO, or if there's not one where you are then find a store that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for their food. Make this recipe your own! Although it's pretty darn good as is...add or lessen the sugar...enjoy!

Friday, January 27, 2012


So my husband and I have been trying to eat healthier. We've never been the type to eat at McDonald's everyday, or even every month, but we've eaten our fair share of potato chips. Anyway, we've been looking for healthy alternatives that don't taste like cardboard! The other night we made an AMAZING, inexpensive penne pasta that I thought I'd share with you!!

1 box of whole grain Penne Pasta
2 bell pepper (we used a red one and a yellow one)
4 portabella mushroom (you can substitute different ones)
1 red onion
Italian sausage
Fresh Basil
1 Roma tomato

Cook the pasta (just follow the directions on the box), Saute the mushroom, bell pepper, and onion.(the onion and mushroom take the longest so do those first), cook the sausage (we used the links, cooked them according to the instructions, and then chopped them up).
Mix the cooked food together, add the tomato and Basil...and enjoy!!

I know that the colored bell peppers and portabella are usually really expensive, but we got them on sale at our local WINCO. Keep a look out for sales, you never know what yummy food may become affordable!! This recipe was just made on a whim. Our 2 year old wasn't big on the veggies, but we just gave him some of the pasta and sausage (before we added the veggies) and he loved it!! Hope you like it! Feel free to add/subtract ingredients from it. Make it your own...that's the best part of cooking!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

You know what's really sad?

People see that word and 1 of 2 emotions pop into their heads.
Of course these both break down into different facets, but that's generally what occurs. People are either super offended that a mother would snap a picture of a beautiful, natural, and yes private thing and post it on facebook or wherever. They think "eww that's so gross! I don't want to see that!" Or they see it and as a beautiful moment between mother and child. 
I understand the fact that nursing is infact an extremely private thing. I do. It's a bonding time between my son and I. I personally don't post pictures like that...I do have them, but I don't post them because honestly it's none of your damn business!! However, there are mother's...and those mother's have friends who view it as a great thing. Their friends love to see those pictures, and they in return those mothers love sharing them. You know each there own! If you have a friend who posts such pictures and have a problem seeing them....DON'T FREAKING LOOK!!! People who are against breastfeeding pictures have this morbid curiosity to look at them! They can't help themselves! "Curisoity killed the cat?" no it's more like "Curiosity grossed out the nosey friend!" 
I do infact think it's wrong that facebook and other such websites will allow photos of girls showing off so much skin, you really don't need a great imagination to know what they look like naked...and yet won't allow photos of nursing mothers. What's the difference? Why has, basically, pornographic pictures been excepted in society more so then the natural feeding of a child? Why can a girl walk around in an itty bitty string bikini and people don't even look twice...well OK when you're dressed as such people look twice because they like what they see. They like seeing half your ass hanging out and seeing so much cleavage that all it would take was a soft breeze to see the girls in all their glory. HOWEVER when a mother is feeding her child the "ick factor" gets played up.
What's the deal? Is it the fact that breasts have become purely sexualized that seeing a child eating from them has become "so last season!"? Actually in most cases you can't, infact, see the child nursing. I'm not usually so gung-ho to jump on the band wagon with issues. I have my way of thinking and they usually don't aline with how other people view things. But this whole "breastfeeding is gross" thing has really pissed me off!!! You don't have to look at pictures of mothers nursing. If you see a women covered up, or (and yes I realize this happens) not covered up look the other way. Don't stare!! 
I want to say...I agree that nursing your child is a very private, personal thing!! I promise you wont find pictures of me feeding my sons on my facebook page!! Scouts honor! I won't, however, tell another mom that she shouldn't post her own nursing pictures...It's her right to share that experience if she so chooses.