Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If toddlers made the rules

Have you ever watched a two year old?? Everything is exciting. The pile of dirt, the bugs they find in the pile of dirt, the man at the store who has a weird mustache...everything is interesting. My husband and I were talking about what the world would be like if toddlers made the rules and these are a few we came up with...

1. Locked doors would be outlawed! (My son tried to open someones car door just because he wanted to sit in it!)

2. Messes would be a must! (Have you ever seen a two year old after being outside in close proximity to dirt?)

3. Every place they went would have a sippy cup ready for them just in case they got thirsty! ( My son gets sooo upset if I forgot his sippy)

4. Baths would be optional...(Only when he's not playing will my munchkin let me bathe him without a fit)

5. Play time would not be interrupted for any reason!!

6. Clothing would be optional

7. Nap time would be optional

8. The word "NO" would be illegal for parents to use, but OK for toddlers to use.

9. Bedtime would be whenever they passed out from exhaustion (See #5)

10. Candy would be an OK option for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

If you can think of anymore, please leave a comment with your suggestion! Lets see how many "laws" we can come up with!! :D

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