Thursday, January 19, 2012

You know what's really sad?

People see that word and 1 of 2 emotions pop into their heads.
Of course these both break down into different facets, but that's generally what occurs. People are either super offended that a mother would snap a picture of a beautiful, natural, and yes private thing and post it on facebook or wherever. They think "eww that's so gross! I don't want to see that!" Or they see it and as a beautiful moment between mother and child. 
I understand the fact that nursing is infact an extremely private thing. I do. It's a bonding time between my son and I. I personally don't post pictures like that...I do have them, but I don't post them because honestly it's none of your damn business!! However, there are mother's...and those mother's have friends who view it as a great thing. Their friends love to see those pictures, and they in return those mothers love sharing them. You know each there own! If you have a friend who posts such pictures and have a problem seeing them....DON'T FREAKING LOOK!!! People who are against breastfeeding pictures have this morbid curiosity to look at them! They can't help themselves! "Curisoity killed the cat?" no it's more like "Curiosity grossed out the nosey friend!" 
I do infact think it's wrong that facebook and other such websites will allow photos of girls showing off so much skin, you really don't need a great imagination to know what they look like naked...and yet won't allow photos of nursing mothers. What's the difference? Why has, basically, pornographic pictures been excepted in society more so then the natural feeding of a child? Why can a girl walk around in an itty bitty string bikini and people don't even look twice...well OK when you're dressed as such people look twice because they like what they see. They like seeing half your ass hanging out and seeing so much cleavage that all it would take was a soft breeze to see the girls in all their glory. HOWEVER when a mother is feeding her child the "ick factor" gets played up.
What's the deal? Is it the fact that breasts have become purely sexualized that seeing a child eating from them has become "so last season!"? Actually in most cases you can't, infact, see the child nursing. I'm not usually so gung-ho to jump on the band wagon with issues. I have my way of thinking and they usually don't aline with how other people view things. But this whole "breastfeeding is gross" thing has really pissed me off!!! You don't have to look at pictures of mothers nursing. If you see a women covered up, or (and yes I realize this happens) not covered up look the other way. Don't stare!! 
I want to say...I agree that nursing your child is a very private, personal thing!! I promise you wont find pictures of me feeding my sons on my facebook page!! Scouts honor! I won't, however, tell another mom that she shouldn't post her own nursing pictures...It's her right to share that experience if she so chooses. 

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