Friday, January 27, 2012


So my husband and I have been trying to eat healthier. We've never been the type to eat at McDonald's everyday, or even every month, but we've eaten our fair share of potato chips. Anyway, we've been looking for healthy alternatives that don't taste like cardboard! The other night we made an AMAZING, inexpensive penne pasta that I thought I'd share with you!!

1 box of whole grain Penne Pasta
2 bell pepper (we used a red one and a yellow one)
4 portabella mushroom (you can substitute different ones)
1 red onion
Italian sausage
Fresh Basil
1 Roma tomato

Cook the pasta (just follow the directions on the box), Saute the mushroom, bell pepper, and onion.(the onion and mushroom take the longest so do those first), cook the sausage (we used the links, cooked them according to the instructions, and then chopped them up).
Mix the cooked food together, add the tomato and Basil...and enjoy!!

I know that the colored bell peppers and portabella are usually really expensive, but we got them on sale at our local WINCO. Keep a look out for sales, you never know what yummy food may become affordable!! This recipe was just made on a whim. Our 2 year old wasn't big on the veggies, but we just gave him some of the pasta and sausage (before we added the veggies) and he loved it!! Hope you like it! Feel free to add/subtract ingredients from it. Make it your own...that's the best part of cooking!!

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