Friday, February 3, 2012

Even Wonder Woman Needs A Break Sometimes

   I'm sure you noticed that a post for yesterdays dinner is MIA...OK so maybe you didn't...To bring you up to speed though I'll point out that I didn't, in fact write a blog for yesterday...I'll tell you why! Yesterday was just one of those days that us mom's can have. I didn't sleep well, I was exhausted ALL day long, My 2 year old had a diaper bomb (I wont elaborate because, trust me you don't want to know), and I ran out of diaper wipes before my husband got home. (he's a student at Oregon State University) My oldest son was doing what 2 year olds do best, the baby wasn't feeling well and I could hardly keep my eyes open.
   Enter Erik (my husband). He comes home after a long day of classes and is not greeted with the usual smiles and hugs that my 2 year old showers on him as soon as he walks through the door. I'm sure a foreboding shadow loomed over our doorstep. What is the scene he happens upon? My 2 year old sleeping on the couch...bad sign 1...My 2 year old does NOT take naps! Baby boy is wide awake, big smiles on his face...this is not a bad sign because the baby is ALWAYS happy!! Last but not least he looks upon his wife...I can only imagine what I must've looked like. He approaches cautiously and asks how my day was...the shoe I threw at him was probably a good sign that it was a bad one...Thankfully I can't throw to save my life!! OK so I didn't really throw a shoe at him, but I'm sure he would've preferred it to the look I gave him. 
   I'll insert here that I have an incredibly understanding husband. He takes the good and the bad and only complains on odd numbered days...kidding! He takes my bad moods in stride, because to be honest I don't have them that often. When a bad mood lasts a week, its usually because I'm sick. I am in fact sick this week. I have an ear infection and haven't been sleeping happens. There's this ridiculous belief that Stay at Home mom's are supposed to be Wonder Woman. We can cook dinner, Vacuum the living room, and do the dishes all while holding the baby on our hips and wearing heels and pearls...I have yet to meet a mom who's capable of doing this! A real mom does what she can while still maintaining her sanity. 
   I was so frazzled yesterday that I forgot to get dinner out, let alone started. I was trying to be Wonder Woman. I managed to do the laundry and dishes...I had both of my boys dressed, fed and napped by the time Erik got home. I was fried by this time also. Thankfully I'm married to Superman. (OK so his favorite superhero is Iron Man, but you get the picture) My loving husband seeing his wife looking more like a victim of a stampede rather then Wonder Woman said 3 little words that made my day "Let's get Thai"...There's a very good Thai restaurant in my town that delivers...Needless to say this brightened my dreary day by quite a bit! Any man who sees his wife stressed and wore out take heed because this act of kindness will usually get you rewarded! 
   So that is the story behind why there is not a recipe for a dinner. Because my Wonder Woman persona wore off and revealed the real woman underneath...tired, sick and frustrated, yet still trying to do the best I could...I love my Superman for being OK...not just OK, but in love with the real me. I couldn't do it without him...yes I realize that he's just as human as me, but last night I wouldn't have doubted if he could fly!

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