Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Boys and Dogs

Our Nahla girl
   My husband and I have always wanted our boys to grow up with a puppy. There's something about the bond between little boys and their puppies that I've always loved. Up to this time we haven't been able to get a dog. Our 2 year old loves dogs, but we just couldn't afford to buy one and it's hard to find a puppy for free that's not  a pit bull...let me say here that I don't have a problem with Pits, I've known several and they've always been great dogs...At one point in time I did want one, but husband never has. So we've been waiting for a time when we could either find a free puppy that wasn't a pit or buy one...enter opportunity here:
   Last Saturday as we were lounging around the house...OK I was lounging, of course I've also had the flu so I feel that I'm entitled to lounge time when I'm sick. Anyway, boys were watching a movie, I was attempting to sleep and my loving husband was cleaning the kitchen...yes they still come in the perfect man model :D...when we heard a knock on our door. Now considering that I was in Sweatpants I really wasn't looking forward to company, especially unexpected company. It was my new neighbors...they have 3 puppies and are getting rid of one, would we like her...YES!! They brought her over so my husband could meet her and needless to say he melted. She's Lab/Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Shar Pei Mix...I know she's going to be big, the size of her paws alone told us she wasn't going to be a small dog.
   We weren't sure if she was going to work out at first. Kind of like buyers remorse, only we didn't actually buy her. We hoped she'd work because she's really cute, but we've never had a dog of our own so we weren't sure. Well, I'm happy to report that so far so good! She's housebroken which is awesome because with 2 sons I don't have time to housebreak a puppy! She doesn't chew on the furniture, but my oldest is having to protect his wooden blocks :D. She sleeps all night, in her own space...I already have a 2 year old who wiggles into our bed I did not want to add a puppy to the equation. She doesn't bark unless she has to potty, and she loves our boys. She gets a little rough when playing with my 2 year old, but she hasn't bitten in an aggressive way so that's good.
   My son Jeremiah LOVES her!! He is so excited to finally have a puppy! Her name is Nahla and all day long I hear him calling "Nawa!" It's really cute! She thinks she's a lap dog and she loves to cuddle so Jeremiah has a nap buddy when he's laying on the couch. I'm so thankful she's working out because she really does add a lot to our family. She's sweet and fun and her name (Nahla) means Honey Bee which fits because she's busy like a bee and sweet like honey (sappy I know, but it's true). We are looking forward to seeing her grow with our boys!
Jeremiah and Nahla napping on the couch

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