Thursday, July 12, 2012

Potty Training...Not for the faint of heart!

   My son Jeremiah turned 3 on Cinco De Mayo this year and he started using the potty last week. Yep, you read that right...My 3 year old is not completely potty trained yet. We've tried several times over the past few years, but it was to no avail. We tried bribing, punishing, and inevitably giving up. The fights, yelling, and tears were just not worth it!! I can live with diapers more then I can live with the heartbroken look on my oldest sons face whenever mommy and daddy got mad at he had failed us!! 
Jeremiah making faces at me
   Now, my son is extremely bright, he's also very stubborn!! To put it simply...he is a 100% testosterone filled, dirt covered, truck loving, worm digging boy!! He wants what he wants, when he wants it. Do we give in...sometimes yes. Let's be honest though, most parents give into their kids wishes sometimes. It's not spoiling them, it's called picking your battles!! Potty training is one battle that the parenting community is torn on. I know some people who have their kids potty trained by a year and a half...while other's, like us, didn't even actually start until our kids were 3. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the super-duper mom's who do it early...I also have nothing but wonderful things to say about the other half of us super-duper mom's who wait. Because in the end it's YOUR decision. 
   My husband and I had to learn that. Jeremiah is our son, so we'll potty train him when HE'S ready. You know what...we've had a lot less frustration because of it!! Jeremiah loves using the potty!! We cheer him on like a pepped up cheerleader on speed!! If someone were to see us jumping up and down, clapping and cheering like a crazy person they'd probably have us committed. That's OK, because Jeremiah loves it! He tells me whenever he has to use the potty and then when he's done, he jumps out of the bathroom with a big smile on his face and exclaims "I DID IT!!" which is then equally met with the enthusiastic "WAY TO GO BUDDY!! I'm so PROUD of you!!" and then we do the potty dance. It's turned an otherwise pain in the ass (no pun intended) experience into a fun one. Does he have accidents? You bet! Do we get mad at him? No. I've come to a place where I refuse to shame my son for having an accident. Is it frustrating when he has an accident? Yes it is. He knows when he has to go, but for some reason when he gets underwear on or even pants on, he has a hard time holding it. At home he does awesome, no accidents!! Of course he's running around in his birthday suit, but it's getting results. 
   I know this isn't going to be a quick experience, but I've also come to realize that the reason for that is because it's new. A person who has never played the piano isn't going to be able to play a complicated piece of Beethoven...unless they are freakishly talented (Crazier things have happened though) the same goes with using the Jeremiah isn't doing rocket science, but it is still a new experience...and new experiences can sometimes be scary. 
   Is our approach for everyone? Probably not. I still get snide remarks from people who think he's too old to be in diapers. Maybe he is, but forcing him wasn't working and this is, so I honestly don't care. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is right for their kids. For us letting our opinionated, bull headed, wonderfully sweet 3 year old decide for himself when he was ready was the right decision for us to make.


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  1. Working with toddlers for four years taught me something very important about potty training. And that is the fact that the majority of the time, parents need to just wait for their kids to be ready. For successful families that began the process early, that simply meant the kids happened to be ready. For those that tried and weren't successful right away, the kiddos just weren't. It's extremely individual and dependent on the child. A lot of it does come down to knowing your child, but honestly, I've seen way too many parents down on themselves about the issue when it just boils down to the needs and styles of their child. (Personally, if it weren't for daycares having certain rules for age groups, I always thought it was better to just let the kiddos develop interest naturally in their own tends to stick better anyway). Good luck beautiful Numinen family!