Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ode to Salmon

  My family is a HUGE fan of fish!! Salmon, Cod, Tilapia, Tuna...Fried, Baked, or Barbecued...Give us a good fish and we'll turn it into an awesome meal! Tonight was no different!! Tonight I made a Salmon Teriyaki that is to die for!! I amazed myself it was that good!! Don't worry I'm not here to make you jealous, I'm here in my supermom cape to bring you the wonderful recipe that graced our table this evening!!


This is AMAZING Teriyaki Sauce!!
4 Salmon Fillets (or however many you happen to be using)
Kona Coast Spicy Teriyaki Sauce
1/2 stick of softened butter
1-2 cloves of minced garlic
1 green onion
A few mint leaves

First off grease your baking dish...I used Olive Oil because it tastes the best and helps the fish not dry out so fast!! Place Salmon Fillets in dish and cover with Teriyaki sauce..turn over a few times so that both sides are covered in the sauce.
Next mix butter, minced garlic, chopped onion, mint leaves (chopped), and rosemary. (I used our teeny-tiny food processor and it worked great!) Take butter mixture and place on top of the fillets. Also at this time place pineapple pieces randomly around the dish.
Cook on 450 degrees for 6 minutes (uncovered)..check at 6 minutes for doneness...We had to cook ours an additional 2 minutes, but it's always best to check because you don't want to overcook the salmon or it will get dry!!

I gotta say the bags of frozen Salmon at Winco have been a lifesaver!! They thaw out super fast and they taste great!! Anyway, try it out...make it your own and see what you come up with!!

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